Acció Solidària i Logística is a Catalan NGO working on the design and implementation of development cooperation projects in order to provide technical, formative and logistical support to organizations, communities or initiatives working for global justice, especially in developing countries. We make emergency interventions, rehabilitation and construction of health and educational infrastructures, projects related to water supply, training and collaboration with fire brigades in developing countries and intervention in refugee camps. Our organization was born around Firemen in Barcelona and this link has always been one of its distinctive features, both in its composition and in developing its projects.

In the context of the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, ASL has managed to evacuate 800 people to Spain, between March and September 2022, via two evacuation routes: ground convoy from Lviv to Barcelona in collaboration with the NGO Mercy Corps and air convoy from Warsaw. in Madrid in collaboration with the NGO Open Arms. They have also provided about 50 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine delivered to various organizations on the ground.

All families evacuated from both itineraries are now served through various government programmes under European Directive 2001/55/EC, by which they have obtained residence permits in Spain, access to work and housing, medical care and access to the education of their children. Personal assistance has also been provided to evacuated families who have required it in the framework of housing, transport, family reunification, administrative support and work procedures.

Clean World is a Polish NGO founded in 1996 by academics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In the last 25 years of operation, they have participated in many educational and humanitarian activities, providing aid to countries in Africa, South America and Asia, and cooperating with international and local NGOs, local governments and government units. Since March 2023 they have been involved in the provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

They cooperate with companies and institutions such as the Olsztyn Food Bank, Nestlé and the Emergency Medical Institute, thanks to which they deliver humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian civilian population and hospitals.  They carry out many collections which result in the delivery of health supplies and medicines to hospitals.


At the moment, they are concentrating their aid on the population of devastated areas, where many villages and towns are under attack without access to running water and electricity. At the same time, they are continuously supporting several villages in Ukraine, where there are currently around 3,000 internally displaced people. They also help at a centre for disabled children.

So far, they have made 40 trips with humanitarian and medical aid that directly reach those most in need. They have evacuated over 100 people, most of them mothers with children and people with disabilities. They offer comprehensive assistance to Ukraine, Poland and other European countries.


This humanitarian corridor is designed and driven by Gonçal Hernanz, Miquel Bada, Justyna Trzęślewicz and Marcin Obałek in collaboration with Joan Mora, Xell Cascán, Natalya Ardalyanova, Bohdan Korchynskyi, Anna-Anastasiia Pshenisnova, Zoryana Opryshko.

- Gonçal Hernanz (ASL, Barcelona): Industrial engineer and music composer. Cooperator of ‘Casa Nostra Casa Vostra’ campaign, activist and collaborator in refugee camps in Rojava, in direct coordination with the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, and volunteer in migratory crises in Afghanistan and Senegal. Co-founder of the Lviv-Bcn Humanitarian Corridor for the evacuation of families affected by the conflict in Ukraine.  

- Miquel Bada (ASL, Barcelona): Director of Marketing and Project Mentoring. Community service coordinator in several refugee camps in Greece, serving as the most direct link between the various beneficiary groups and the camp's management. Co-founder of the Lviv-Bcn Humanitarian Corridor for the evacuation of families affected by the conflict in Ukraine. 

- Marcin Obałek (CW, Bialystok)): president of Clean World association, writer and teacher. Coordinator of scientific research in Peru and Bolivia in cooperation with the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun. Initiator and coordinator of scientific exchange with Ethiopia (Bahir Dar University). Coordinator and executor of humanitarian missions in Ukraine, organizer of supplies, food, medicines, hygiene products for areas subject to hostilities and often isolated from supply sources. 

- Justyna Trzęślewicz (CW, Warsaw): Coordinator of humanitarian activities in Ukraine, co-founder with Lou Richelle of the “Help from Dantyszka” association dedicated to refugees from Ukraine and providing humanitarian aid to areas in danger. Organizer of temporary reception places for displaced families, coordinator in the Clean World Association. Volunteer at the Institute of Emergency Medicine, organizing and providing medical aid to Ukrainian hospitals.

- Joan Mora (ASL, Barcelona): Vice-president of Acció Solidària i Logística, member of the Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

- Xell Cascán (ASL, Barcelona): Nurse at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, collaborator of FAHID and cooperant in various refugee camps in Greece.

- Natalya Ardalyanova (Zaporizhia): Director of ARTAK - together for a dream, a non-governmental humanitarian aid organization located in the Zaporizhia region. 

- Bohdan Korchynskyi: Head of the public organization "European Society”, providing Legal and humanitarian aid in the territory of Kyiv region. 

- Anna-Anastasiia Pshenisnova (Lviv), Zoryana Opryshko (Lviv): cooperators in terms of identification and registration of families, translation in the convoys, communication with official bodies and coordination of temporary reception centres for internal refugees.