Concerning the reception of refugees, we work with three reception centres in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and Lublin Voivodeship, with the capacity to accommodate 50 refugees per week in direct collaboration with local government  Inclusion and several civil and religious organisations. These centres are perfectly capable of welcoming and maintaining Ukrainian families fleeing the war, as well as having a team of volunteers (Polish and Ukrainian) who facilitate the task of processing temporary protection in Poland, as well as personalised monitoring of each case.


Concerning the provision of humanitarian aid, we count on donations from the most important hospitals in Barcelona, plus several private companies in Poland, civil organisations, supermarkets, food banks, religious entities, volunteers, donation campaigns, etc. This recruitment and distribution work has been ongoing for the last 12 months by Clean World and ASL. As of today, we have provided and distributed more than 50 tons of humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine: canned food, technical clothing, medical supplies, baby supplies, first aid kits, and technological material among others. 


In order to meet these objectives we have the following main vehicles:

  • Evacuation Bus 1  - High-capacity bus that works on internal evacuation routes from hot zones to our internal hub in Ukraine. Also available for humanitarian aid transport.   


  • Evacuation Bus 2  - High-capacity rental bus working on external evacuation routes from our internal hub in Ukraine to Poland. Also available for humanitarian aid transport. 


  • Evacuation Bus 3 - Low-capacity bus operating as a transport support to provide humanitarian aid on Poland - Ukraine route and Evacuation on the south and east route from Ukraine to Poland. 


  • High-capacity truck (7,5t) working on the route Poland - Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid. 

We also have 4 additional vehicles driven by local volunteers to provide logistical support when needed: 3 medium-capacity vans and a passenger car. Each of the humanitarian aid and evacuation teams has a team of two local professional drivers. In addition to the drivers, the evacuation team also has a coordinator (CW or ASL) and a Ukrainian-English translator to ensure good communication with the displaced persons.


We count on the approval and logistical support of the Human Rights Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament, and the cooperation of the Ukrainian Army to facilitate the movement of convoys in conflict zones. We also have the logistical support of various local NGOs with whom we have worked previously. The operations centre of this operation is established in a strategic city located in the centre of Ukraine, which guarantees fast and safe transport to the areas most affected by the conflict. In this city we have a reception and primary care centre for displaced refugees plus a high-capacity warehouse for receiving and sorting humanitarian aid consignments. This city was chosen for logistical and security reasons: a short distance from the border with Poland and a short distance from the war front.