Coordination of field operations

- In coordination with the Ukrainian Parliament, one or two buses with a capacity of 50 people each are rented every week.

- The corresponding permits are processed so that all drivers can leave the country temporarily, always through the same border: Krakovets (Краковець).

- There is a database of Ukrainian internal refugees who decide to board the convoy being previously informed of the operation.

- The provision of host families previously authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya and/or spaces for displaced persons is coordinated with the local administration.

- The support and express authorization of the Human Rights Commission of the Ukrainian Parliament prior to departure is processed.

- External collaborators from other non-profit organizations in Poland and Ukraine are activated.

Journey between Lviv and Barcelona

- A meeting point is established in a central and easily accessible place: Lviv Railway Station.

- All displaced persons are always convened on Fridays at 7pm.

- Free accommodation is provided for families moving from other parts of the territory.

- A route is established in advance and agreed with the drivers and the local administration. The route goes through the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain.

- Local translator and medical assistance is available in the convoy. 

- A real-time updated list of families travelling in the convoy is available, sorted by family groupings and with the following information for each passenger: Name, Surname, Date of Birth, City of Origin, Passport.

- There is a production person in Barcelona who monitors in real time and adapts the operation in the event of any unforeseen event.

- Sufficient food is available for all displaced persons and two halfway houses are provided by the Red Cross: the first in Slovenia, the second in the south of France.

- Permits are arranged for the convoy to be exempted from paying tolls along the entire route.

- Coordination with the Reception, Reception and Referral Centre for displaced persons in Ukraine, as well as with the Red Cross Directorate, for the arrival of the convoy and to prepare well for the reception of families.

Arrival at destination and handover to the Red Cross

- Once in Barcelona, a team of volunteers is available to welcome the displaced people in groups.

- They are informed in Ukrainian about how and where to start processing the asylum process, accommodation, work permits, schooling for minors, legal assistance, etc.

- In specific and particularly vulnerable cases, they will be put in direct contact with previously selected host families.

- They are accompanied throughout the process of reception and referral to other places in Spain, with the collaboration of the Red Cross.

- Constant communication is maintained with all families to follow up during the first weeks in Spain.

- Detailed information about the destination is shared with the families, as well as a practical guide to facilitate integration into the host community.

Return to Lviv with humanitarian cargo

- Once the families have been unloaded, +4000kg of humanitarian aid provided by the Hospital Clinic for the Ukrainian people is loaded into the hold of the convoy.

- A team of volunteers is available to help with the logistics of loading and unloading the planned material.

- The drivers, translator and Parliament delegate take an 8-hour break in a hotel in Pineda, which collaborates with the operation in an altruistic way.

- The next day, the bus leaves again for Lviv and once there, unloads the humanitarian aid at the Humanitarian Coordination Centre, with which the day and time of arrival is coordinated.

- 24 hours after arrival and always respecting the drivers' rest, the entire operation is repeated, with new families previously selected.