Evacuation project for Ukrainian families

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From Acció Solidària i Logística in partnership with Mercy Corps we have promoted an effective and regular humanitarian corridor between Ukraine and Catalonia with the approval and logistical support of the Human Rights Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament and the collaboration of several local NGOs doing essential work on the ground.


This corridor aims to facilitate the evacuation of particularly vulnerable families fleeing war, famine and the destruction of their homes. According to UNHCR figures, there are currently more than 6.5 million internal refugees in the country, and the total number of displaced Ukrainian people exceeds 11 million, of which about half are minor.


The operation consists of a safe route between the city of Lviv and the city of Barcelona, by means of two buses with a capacity of 50 people each, which we contract to a local Ukrainian company and which can transport up to 4,000 kg of humanitarian aid to Ukraine on its return journey.


Each convoy has a team of two local professional drivers, a general coordinator, a delegate from Parliament and a translator. On each route, two stops are made so that families can dinner and sleep in a place perfectly equipped for transits. The first stop is in Velenje, Slovenia and the second in Antibes, France, in direct collaboration with the various regional administrations as well as with the assistance of the Red Cross.


To date, Oct 2022, we have managed to evacuate around 1000 refugees, which we then drift to the Red Cross so that they can access the Temporary Protection Programme under European Directive 2001/55/EC, whereby displaced families obtain residence permits in the Spanish State, access to the labour market and housing, medical assistance and access to education for their children.


Returning to Ukraine, the convoy carries about 4 tones of humanitarian aid provided by the Main Public Hospital in Barcelona plus other Catalan companies and private contributions.

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All this work has been promoted and carried out by civil society. All the donations we have obtained have been from local citizens and companies who have cooperated in a spirit of solidarity and have allowed us to continue moving families on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, our funds are limited and the waiting list is now over 1000 families: essentially women and children trapped in Mariúpol, Donetsk and Kharkiv.



In order to be able to continue carrying out the humanitarian corridor effectively and regularly, the organizers need financial and/or logistical support. The final objective is to provide refugees with a safe route to be able to leave the country and a place of trust where they can receive all the support they need in these difficult moments of their lives.


In order to help with this humanitarian corridor, please make your contribution to the following account number* with the concept "Humanitarian Corridor":

ES35 3140 0001 9000 1457 5000

If you prefer, you can also make a contribution with a bank card or PayPal:

* The given account number belongs to Acció Solidària i Logística, with address

on Edifici La Vagoneta, Plaça de la Pau s/n, 08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona).

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Thank you so much for your help.

The cost of evacuating a person from hell is 120€.


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